A LIttle Fundraising Update

Posted: June 8, 2014 in General

Hello!  I have not been as good about my blog as I wanted to be this season.  Here is my attempt to get back on the wagon!  I have had two wonderfully successful fundraisers so far this season.  The first was a first for me. I put on a three-hour spin-a-thon at Seacoast Sports Clubs in Portsmouth and brought in over $1000!  I could not have been happier about the success of the event for its first year.  Three amazing instructors each taught an hour of the event and helped us burn an amazing amount of calories! This is an event that I really hope will become a PMC fundraising tradition for me.

Speaking of tradition, yesterday was my York Farmers Market fundraiser with the amazing people from Hubba Hubba Foods.  Sue and Rich have been fundraising partners of mine for four years now and each year it just gets better.  We were able to raise $1114 at the market yesterday, almost doubling my fundraising total for the year!  The weather was amazing and the market was packed.  We met some pretty incredible people as well.  At the fundraisers, there are always people that have had family members that have had cancer and there are even a few folks that have battled it themselves.  Yesterday, a women with very short hair and a surgical mask made her way to the booth with two younger women with her.  They saw the sign explaining that 100% of Hubba Hubba sales for the day would be going to Dana-Farber and started to tell us her story.  She has leukemia and had been receiving treatment at Dana.  100 days prior she had a bone marrow transplant and this was her first day out in the public.  What an amazing women she is!  She bought an armload of spices and some granola to give as gifts to her family.  They said they felt compelled to buy more just because of the donation to Dana-Farber.   They could not say enough amazing things about the treatment, facility and people at Dana-Farber.  While I knew that my hard work for the PMC was doing great things, it was very moving to meet this woman and see all of our hard work paying off.

If you want to help Dana-Farber and The Jimmy Fund, you can donate to my ride here http://www2.pmc.org/profile/MS0408

Thank you to everyone that has donated to my ride!  You are doing great things!


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