PMC Eve, Eve…I can’t believe it is already here!

Posted: August 4, 2011 in General

So here we are.  It’s 10:00 on August 4th.  The Pan Mass Challenge is a mere day and a half away.  The bike is in tip-top shape and my bag is packed.  Michelle and I have spent the afternoon and evening adding names to the back of my jersey.  The whole back of the jersey is covered with names.  It is quite a sight.  I wish there were no names on it though.  I wish this ride did not have to exist.  But it does and I am about as excited and ready as I can be.  Today was my last training Spin class, as the bike was in the shop.  I pushed it about as hard as I could today for that hour long class.  I know that this weekend is going to be the toughest weekend I have spent on the bike.  I also know that it is going to be the most rewarding.  Most of the people riding the PMC will be riding solo.  I will be riding with at least 60 others on my bike.  I have been training all these months for this weekends ride.  Four restaurant fundraisers, a farmers market event and an ongoing coffee fundraiser along with countless donations from ALL of you have led to over $7400 for the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber Cancer Institute!  100% of those dollars go to the Jimmy Fund.  100%!  It still blows my mind that I raised that much money.  You all have amazed me with your generosity.  It it has not just been the donations of money.  The kind words, the encouragement, the stories of your family and friends, coming to the fundraisers, and just telling me how proud you all are of me has meant the world to me.  And now the weekend that all of this has been building up to is here.  It’s PMC weekend 2011.  I am packed and ready to head out.  I will post some maps and information about the water stops below.  If you are on Facebook I’ll try and post some updates over the weekend.  If not, then you can expect a FULL recap here a day or so after the weekend.  So here we go!






























And here is the jersey so far…more names to be added tomorrow morning.




  1. iamtedking says:

    Go get’em. Or I should say, rest up and get ready for tomorrow’s ride.

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