Hubba hubba, that’s a lot of dough!

Posted: June 5, 2011 in General

Today is the day after my big York Farmers Market fundraiser with Hubba Hubba Foods and I couldn’t be happier!  I rode my bike up to the market, and due to some pretty stiff cross winds, I was a little late for the start.  When I arrived, I parked the bike and threw some shorts on over the bike shorts as I thought we would sell more product if I wasn’t wearing the complete spandex outfit.  I was right.  The granola and spices were flying off the shelf and tables.  People seemed pretty interested in the Pan Mass Challenge and the Jimmy Fund.  I had my business cards and the jersey really helps get people’s attention.  There were some people that had heard of the Jimmy Fund, more that knew about Dana Farber and not too many that knew about the PMC.  When people asked questions I did my best to answer them.  How long I had been riding, how long the Jimmy Fund had been around, who was Jimmy?  All questions that I could answer pretty well.  I know a fair amount about the Hubba Hubba product too!  Michelle and I had used Hubba Hubba spices in one way or another every night for dinner in the week leading up to the fundraiser.   There were questions about who I was riding for and then me explaining how my Dad has passed away 20 years ago from lung cancer.  The questions to Sue about why SHE was doing this and her answers about her dad and her father in law.  It seems as though every one has a story about how cancer has touched their lives.  We had people tell us they lost family members and other people give me high fives and they were cancer survivors and thanked me for what I was doing.   The time went by so fast.  I had a blast working with Sue, Rich and their daughters.  Such a great family and such a great product.  The market opened at 9 and we closed up at 1.  After counting out the take for the day, Sue took out the checkbook and wrote a check for $700 to The Pan Mass Challenge!  That, with the donation jar we had on the front table, totaled $750 for the day!  I was so excited!  To top it all off Cody Smith, a former 8th grade student and photographer extraordinaire, also stopped by to photograph the event.  The two pictures from the event are his and he did a great job!  I took a ride home with Michelle after the market and felt like we really did a great job.

Today was also a big day on the bike.  I have been following the PMC training schedule as best I can with my outdoor rides and with some spin class time as well.  Well, the schedule for today was a 60 mile ride.  Hmmm…60 miles is pretty far.  Until you realize that is just a few miles over the Day 1 total.  I actually spent some time over the past few days trying to plan a good route for the 60 miler.  I decided on a nice ocean cruise down to Plum Island and back.  Just over 60 miles actually.  64.34 miles to be exact.  What a beautiful day!  The sun was shining and the wind was pretty calm as I made my way down to Newburyport.  I had driven to Newburyport plenty of times in a car but NEVER on a bike.  Route 1A was a great choice!  Hugging the ocean for most of the trip smells of breakfast filled my nose for most of the southbound adventure.  I rolled into downtown Newburyport and headed along the waterfront towards Plum Island.  After finding a suitable spot to stop for I bit I had some water, munched on some PowerBar and took a picture or two.  Saddled back up after about 10 or so minutes and started the trip back up the coast.  A nice little tail wind helped me for most of the ride which was nice.  My legs began to tire at about mile 50 or so.  I know this is the cliché thing to say, but I started to think about my Dad and the treatment that he went through.  And all the other people that I have met that have beat cancer.  And all the people that I know that have lost their battle with cancer and I just kept pedaling.  I knew that my sore legs were  nothing nothing compared to what ALL those people have gone through.  Actually, a little Finding Nemo crept into my head as well.  Instead of just keep swimming, just keep swimming…it was just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling.  I did keep pedaling and pulled back into the drive way with a total ride time of just over 4 hours.  My butt was sore and my stomach was growling.  I hit the shower and Michelle made one of her famous grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches.  Some Gatorade to wash it down and I was a happy camper.

It has been another successful week for me training and fundraising.  By my best calculations, I am now 85% of the way to Heavy Hitter.  I have one more big fundraiser on June 21st at Flatbread Pizza Co in Portsmouth.  If you are around from 4-10 please stop in.  Flatbread will be donating $3.50 from each large pizza and $1.75 from every small pizza regardless of whether you eat there or take it home.  This pizza is amazing and is made with the freshest local ingredients.  I also have 30 or so raffle prizes for the event so come and get ya tickets!

Here is a link to the ride from today ! Plum Island and Back

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email me at  Check out the Facebook page as well!


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