And the milage (and fundraising) goes up…

Posted: May 30, 2011 in General

So, kind of a short post for today.  Today’s post is to keep you informed on what’s happening with my ride and also to kill more time before I HAVE to start doing the last bit of school work.  It’s too easy to find reasons to put off the school work.  Fortunately, the PMC is one of those reasons.  So here are some quick facts for ya:

Number of training miles ridden to date (outside): 229

Most miles for one ride: 49.5

Number of calories burned (outside): 21,725

Time in the saddle (outside): 14 hours 27 minutes

Time in Spin class: 22 hours 8 minutes

Amount of money raised as of today (collected): $4500

Number of fundraisers left: 2

Amount of money needed to achieve Heavy Hitter status: $1950

I can’t believe how well this has gone so far.  It just amazes me how generous people have been with donations, prizes and well wishes.  They are all so very important to my ride.  My next big fundraiser is this weekend in York, ME at the Farmers Market.  I have partnered with Hubba Hubba Foods for this one.  They are donating 100% of all sales directly to my ride.  I have already told you how great their products are so I will spare you this time.  Let’s just say that you will NOT be disappointed with your purchases knowing that 100% of it will be donated to the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber.  If you are getting Dad a grill for Father’s Day why not add in a few of Hubba Hubba’s spice packs to season up your BBQ?  You can tell him that it helped a great cause.  See all of you who are able on June 4th between 9 and 1 at the York Outdoor Farmers Market in the Stonewall Kitchen parking lot.  Oh, I’m biking up in the morning if anyone wants to join.  Nothing like a Farmers Market breakfast!


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