Another successful weekend or raising funds and heartrates…

Posted: May 22, 2011 in General

So we packed up the car and headed up to Littleton this weekend for my “hometown” fundraiser.  Upon arriving, we collected the last of the raffle prizes from the more-than-generous local businesses and headed over to Alburrito’s to set-up.  John Alberini is a great guy!  He opened up his space for us to sell raffle tickets for two nights and made a great donation to the ride!  It was great to see some familiar faces on Friday night and eat some great Mexican food!  If you are in the area, I totally recommend the soft shell tacos.  John makes the shells in house and makes them to order.  We had the fish and the beef.  So tasty!  Almost too tasty. As I ate my fill I began to think about the ride that I needed to complete on Saturday morning.

As you ALL know, the weather around here for the past week plus has been, shall we say, a little dismal.  I hadn’t taken the bike out in the rain yet but knew that rain PMC weekend was a possibility so I couldn’t avoid it forever.  I carefully scoped out the weather forecast for Saturday to try and pick the perfect two and half hour block of time.  I thought I had found it.  I loaded up the bike and drove to Franconia to start my ride.  I headed out (with full water bottles, two granola bars and, yes, my rain jacket) for what would be my longest ride to date.  Ever.  The route, for those of you familiar with the area, was route 116 to route 112 to route 302 to route 117.  Yep, right up and over Sugar Hill.  Or, as I have been calling it for the past few days, Sugar Mountain!  You can check out the ride details here. Northern NH Loop The ride started out great!  Quite roads and roaring streams every so often.  I was making good time as well.  I figure if I can average 15+mph I’m doing well.  And I was doing just that.  And then I hit mile 20 and some pretty torrential rain.  Almost instantly I was soaked.  I pulled over to the side of the road and put on my jacket.  20 minutes later, the rain was over and the sun was out.  Off to the side of the road and the jacket was stowed again.  About 20 minutes later I was dry again, except the feet.  That would take a while longer.  The ride got better as the sun stayed out and I turned onto route 117 ready to tackle the last 8+ miles of my ride.  Then I started climbing and climbing and climbing.  940 vertical feet of climbing over 7 miles brought my bike to the top of Sugar Hill and my heart rate to the top of the “red-line” zone.  I will tell you though, the ride down the backside of Sugar Hill was a blast at 37 miles per hour!  Back to the car, a shower and off to Alburrito’s for night two!  Which was another successful night by the way.

Thanks for all the people that helped me out this weekend!  It was great to be back in Littleton for such a good cause.  As of tonight, adding in the money from this weekends fundraiser, coffee sales, and donations…we are $65 away from my goal.  So here is my big announcement…I am upping my goal to $6400!  Yep, that’s right, $6400 aka Heavy Hitter status.  This is a huge jump and I am going to need even more support from all of you.  Encouragement, positive thoughts, riding partners and donations will all be accepted!  I am not going to do this alone.  WE are going to so this!

  1. Penny Blodgett says:

    Marcus, We are so proud of you for all the hard work you have put into this project. You are doing a great job! We also know that you have been getting a lot of help and support from Michelle which is wonderful, you two make a great team. Keep up the great work and we know you will make you goal. Love, Mom and Mark

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