Spring? Spring? Is that you?

Posted: April 25, 2011 in General

OK, so I know I live in New England.  And I know that the weather in New England is always a little fickle.  And I also know that I usually don’t like the people who complain about the weather. Sooo…I am going to complain about myself for a minute.  I am on vacation this week and I would really like to get some bike time that’s not in a gym.  I mean, I love spin class and the instructors are great.  But, it’s time for the rain to let up and for the sun to come out and for the bike to hit the pavement.  The only things that have been hitting the pavement lately have been my feet.  I spent this past weekend traveling around my hometown looking for donations for raffle prizes.  Michelle and I walked up and down Main Street and stopped in to just about every store to ask for a donation.  I have to say, I am amazed by the generosity of all the people  I have talked to.  I was able to secure donations from many different businesses in Littleton.  Here is the short list: Deluxe Pizza, Northern Lights Music, Littleton Bike and Fitness, Lahout’s Ski Shop, Oasis, Gold House Pizza, Aubuchon Hardware, Chutter’s, Bailiwicks, and more on the way.  These will all be prizes for the event being held at Alburrito’s Mexican Restaurant.  John Alberini has offered up two events at his restaurant.  May 20th and 21st will be can’t miss events at Alburrito’s in Littleton.  $3 from every Papa Grande burrito and $1 from every taco will go to the Jimmy Fund.  There will be music and, food and fun!  Oh, and we have already ordered up the good weather.  No worries…

Even closer on the calendar is my event at Mojo’s BBQ in Portsmouth.  From 6pm-9pm, Mojo’s will be donating 20% of the proceeds to the Jimmy Fund.  If you have never been to Mojo’s BBQ, you have not tasted great BBQ!  Jonesy does it right and you have to experience this food.  Whether it’s eat-in or take-out, it all goes to help the Jimmy Fund.  I will also have great raffle prizes at Mojo’s.  Just to give you a taste, gift certificates from Voler, t-shirts from Pedal Pushers, a Ted King gift pack from the man himself, and beautiful framed photographs of the New Hampshire seacoast!  These prizes should be enough to bring you to the event!  As always, if you have any questions about the ride, the fundraisers or anything related to my ride please let me know!

For those of you that have donated so far, thank you!

Keep those warm wishes and encouraging thoughts coming!  I appreciate them all!


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